Stock Defib Project

In the Spring & Summer of 2016, Stock United Football Club and Stock Cricket Club collaborated to raise funds to install at least one Public Access Defibrillator in the Village. Given Stock’s semi-rural location and the falling cost of technology, there was no longer an excuse for the Village to not to be equipped with this life-saving equipment.

After a very successful fundraising appeal, over £3,500 was raised by the local community to fund the installation of two Public Access Defibrillators.


Defibrillator 1

Stock Village Hall, Common Road, Stock, CM4 9NF

Defibrillator 2

Stock & Buttsbury Heritage Centre, Swan Lane, Stock, CM4 9BQ


If you require the use of either Public Access Defibrillator in the Village, please stay calm, dial ‘999’ and wait for further instructions from the call handler.