Stock Cricket Club are delighted to announce that our recent Crowdfunding Campaign launched on Crowdfunder will be supported by Sport England.

On Friday 26 June, Stock Cricket Club launched the campaign to try and recover some of the lost income as a result of the interruption of the Cricket season because of COVID-19.

Visit the Crowdfunder Page Here.

The fundraising campaign has been specifically launched to ensure that the annual maintenance requirements can be met whilst ensuring the Club can meet all of their entry fee requirements for the 2021 season.

The campaign is scheduled to last for 6 weeks and will attempt to recover £3,750, half of the estimated £7,500 loss over the course of the season.

Sport England will pledge £1,875 (50%) of our target, should the Club be able to raise £1,875 ourselves through our Membership and loyal supporters.

We would be grateful if you could make a pledge to the page, no matter how small, as raising this capital will be an absolutely mammoth step in ensuring that the Club remains sustainable by maintaining the necessary cash-flow during these unprecedented times.

You can make a donation by visiting the Crowdfunder Website, you can click on the yellow bar at the top of the website, or by clicking on the banner below.

Thank you for your support.

Dan Porter (DP)

Hon. Chairman